Re: Documenting our truest narratives

By simplifying or yielding on the topics and issues of academic articles and expecting only minimalist effort of documented research, we forfeit the dignity of people on whose shoulders we stand on and willingly give up on documenting our truest narratives.

It is unacceptable that a renown, competitively scholastic journal should only offer the plights of “certain types” of women while the rest remain tokens of “something that happened once, long ago.” The absence of more types African women and their complex struggle with American womanhood throughout history is intellectually irresponsible in any academic/historic journal but especially those standing on an Ivy League university’s caliber.

Everyone matters, and all aspects, including unpleasantness and discomfort, needs to be documented not only for university research but out of integrity for “all [the] feminisms” it endeavors to preserve.

Peculiarly Their Own: An Examination of the Journal of Women’s History,
Black Representation, and Diversity Through the Scope of Intersectionality


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