Re: Fashion as political tool

In the tradition of Anglo kings and Franco emperors, Garvey, the “Provisional President of Africa,” used the power of vision to boldly demonstrate racial pride through dress.The message conveyed was that Africans are every bit as regal and dignified as the Old World imperial sovereigns that dominated the New and Third Worlds. He dared to copy the clothes of the conquerors; to defy the slave’s place by wearing the master’s garb, thusly creating a visually defiant equilibrium. Tassels, feathers, badges, stripes, buttons and brass were subversive and stylistic allegories for the strength Garvey believed Africans across the world held.To be in army costume is the silent insinuation that one is united, organized, proud, but above all ready to fight. True powers have armies. True powers have armies that match. Garvey is one of the most famous examples of fashion as political tool. To be in a uniform is to be highly esteemed and included in the exclusivity of an association.


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